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Doug Koenig Low Mass Hammer


Doug Koenig Low Mass Hammer

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Doug Koenig Low Mass Hammer

These hammers are machined from tool steel, vacuum heat treated for long life and hard enough to hold a trigger job for tens of thousands of rounds. The geometry was changed to allow lighter pulls and the strut location was changed slightly to lessen the pressure when cocked.  This part should be installed by a competent gunsmith, but requires minimal fitting. Many gunsmiths use the hammer right out of the bag with our hard sear and get awesome results. This is the most widely used hammer in competition today. 

These are American made hammers, using the highest quality materail.  Don’t be fooled by other vendors that are selling Look-a-Like hammers at a fraction of the cost.  These are low quality imported junk from Italy and China.  Any vendor that offers a look a like hammer for $50.00 or less is selling a very low quality import hammer from China or Italy.


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