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Cammer – Easy Rack Hammer – Carbon Steel – Blued

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Cammer – Easy Rack Hammer – Carbon Steel – Blued

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Cammer – Easy Rack Hammer – Carbon Steel – Blued

The Cammer Easy Rack Hammer uses a unique patented design.  The Cammer design reduces the force required to rack the slide by as much as 31 percent, while reducing the muzzle flip up to 7.9 percent.  That’s a muzzle flip reduction of 4.4 degrees which gets you back onto target quicker.

CNC’ed Manufactured from 4140 carbon steel bar stock and heat treated to R 50-55 to provide a long and trouble free life span, the Cammer Easy Rack Hammer will last for years with no issues.

The Cammer – Easy Rack Hammer hooks are set at .020 for a crisp trigger pull when used with the EGW Hard Sear or the Cammer .404 Sear.


  • Having reliability issues with your 9mm, 38 Super or .22 Conversion?
  • Difficult to rack the slide on your .45 caliber 1911?
  • Even harder when your hands are cold or wet?
  • Want to reduce by as much as 31% the initial force required to rack your slide rearward?
  • Want to reduce muzzle flip and felt recoil?
  • Want to avoid the use of lower-strength recoil and main springs that may limit you to reduced-power ammo or compromise reliable ignition?
  • Want to experience improved extraction and ejection?

CAMMERTM is the answer to all these problems (U.S. Patent 9057573)


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