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Wolff Extra Extra Power Firing Pin Spring

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Wolff Extra Extra Power Firing Pin Spring

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Wolff Firing Pin Springs – Extra Extra Power

Wolff Extra Power firing pin springs are a must in Colt pistols prior to the inclusion of the firing pin safety mechanism and are highly recommended in all pistols. These springs are approximately 85% stronger than the factory springs and provide an increased margin of safety by helping to reduce the chance of accidental discharge due to the firing pin contacting the cartridge primer in the event of dropping the pistol in a loaded condition or from the increased inertia imposed on the firing pin with extra power recoil springs. Every Colt pistol should have an extra power firing pin spring installed even when shooting the lightest loads. All Wolff load-rated Colt recoil springs are packaged with this spring.  Original factory springs are also available.

This firing pin spring is a factory spec. spring.  Fits all 1911’s.


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