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Wolff Government Hammer – Mainspring 21 Pounds


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Wolff Government Hammer / Mainspring 21 Pounds

Wolff Hammer springs are available in a variety of weights to allow adjustment of the trigger and let-off to individual needs. Hammer spring packs offer a savings over individually purchased springs and are recommended when exact poundage desired is unknown. Installation requires disassembly and assembly of firearm.

Technical Information

Features: Allows custom tuning of 1911

Gunsmithing Required: Replace original springs



  • Factory Colt springs are 23 pounds. (Some clones and custom pistols may be different).
  • Hammer springs fit inside the mainspring housing and control the amount of tension on the pistol’s hammer.
  • A lighter spring will give a lighter trigger pull.
  • Installation requires disassembly and reassembly of the pistol.


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