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TMC Lightning Fiber 040 Green

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TMC Lightning Fiber 040 Green

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Don’t pay a dollar an inch for replacement fiber

“Thunder Mountain Custom” Fiber provides exceptional brightness, flexibility, and solvent resistance. Our Fiber is comprised of an optical quality core polymer doped with the most efficient fluorescent dyes available and are coated with low refractive index fluoropolymer. This allows just not visible light, but even Ultraviolet(UV) light to fluoresce between the fiber’s core and the fluoropolymer outer coating to produce the brightest light emitted from the ends of the fiber even on a cloudy day.
An important quality of Thunder Mountain Custom’s fiber is its superior strength and flexibility, making it particularly useful in harsh physical environments.  It’s outstanding ability to produce a bright (over 30% brighter then others) ensures an outstanding bright sight even on a cloudy day.

.040 Green


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