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HI-VIS Fiber Front Sight STI


HI-VIS Fiber Front Sight STI

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Thunder Mountain Custom is proud to offer the New HI-VIS sight for STI 1911 and 2011 handguns.

Now there’s another choice when it comes to a Fiber Sight for your STI 1911 or 2011.  Just imagine being able to switch from a Target white dot, to a Red Fiber insert and then to a Green Fiber Insert in a matter of a few seconds without having to cut the fiber each time and then hoping you melt the ends of your new fiber correctly into the sight and being able to re-use the fiber insert that you just removed.

 Anatomy of our sights

All HiViz® sights are built to rigid standards using only the highest quality materials. Then they’re shooter-tested to ensure they’ll withstand the test of time. The LitePipes are made of a chemical-resistant material and injection molded to achieve precision and brightness. We want to make sure we offer the best product available and we back it up with a one-year warranty.

Changing LitePipes.
It’s as easy as inserting the key (provided) between the LitePipe and spring and sliding the the LitePipe out.


Bright: Sights are cut away in the center to allow maximum light gathering while retaining strength.

Precise: Square sight profile for precision rear sight alignment

Optically efficient: Recessed litepipe eliminates halo and give a crisp clear dot.

Innovative: Ramped and serrated to reduced glare.

Holster friendly: We pay strict attention to contouring all our handgun sights to be as smooth and snag free as possible.

Durable: All sight bases are solid steel construction.

Perfect fit: Dovetails are designed to fit original manufacturer’s dimensions.  We maintain factory sight
height to allow our front sights to be used with factory rear sights.

All Sights are provided with the following Light Tubes and accessories:

4 – Red Light Tubes

1 – Green Light Tube

1 – Target White Dot Tube

1 – Light Tube Holder w/chain

1 – Light Tube removal tool


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