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Grieder Precision V Match Short Solid Trigger (Serrated)

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Grieder Precision V Match Short Solid Trigger (Serrated)

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Grieder Precision V Match Short Solid Trigger(Serrated)

The time proven Videki Disign is carried on by Greider Precision

The Short solid lightweight, competition trigger by Greider Precision minimizes drag and reduces pull weight for extra smooth engagement and faster follow-up return. Features the same, proven design that made the “Videki Speed Trigger” the industry standard. Extra-stiff, high-strength stainless steel bow is machined using the original Videki tooling and high quality American made 400 series stainless steel. The Trigger Shoe is CNC-machined from aircraft quality, aluminum billet and is oversize for custom fitting to all 1911s.  Overtravel stop screw and allen wrench are encluded to adjust and eliminate overtravel. 

The grooved (Serrated) trigger face provides excellent and positive control while firing.

 Short Solid shoe provides a shortest over all lenght of pull of a standard 1911 trigger.  Great for shooters with smaller hands


  • Weighs just 7.5 Grams or 0.264 onces
  • Pad is machined from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Bow is hardened stainless steel
  • Adjustable over travel screw for precision adjustment
  • Fitting required


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