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Aluminum Oxide Lapping Compound – 800 Grit


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Aluminum Oxide Lapping Compound – 800 Grit

TMC’s selection of Aluminum Oxide lapping compounds is the best abrasive for lapping the final fit between slides and frames where a tight silk smooth fit is required.  Aluminum Oxide lapping compounds are also great for getting the best fit between rifle bolts lugs and the locking lugs.  AO lapping compound can also be used to create a glass like finish between a rifle bolt and  the raceways.  TMC’s Aluminum Oxide lapping compounds are available in 600, 800, 1000 and 1200 grit pre-mixed paste.  The aluminum oxide abrasive crystals are suspended in a long lasting synthetic/petroleum base that is easy cleanup in soap and water. Aluminum oxide crystals are smooth and rounded in shape, so they won’t embed and continue to wear the part after cleanup.

The petroleum based paste won’t cause corrosion to your carbon steel parts.

Contain has 2 oz. net weight of lapping compound,  enough lapping compound to last years.


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