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Mainspring Housing Flexible Hone – 400 Grit

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Mainspring Housing Flexible Hone – 400 Grit

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Mainspring Housing Flexible Hone – 400 Grit

Honing the spring tunnel of the mainspring housing on a 1911 will significantly improve the overall action of your 1911.  Honing of the spring tunnel removes the machining ridges that are left in the spring tunnel, during the drilling process.  This should be a two step process,  first with a 400 grit hone to cut down the ridges and to overall smoothen out the spring tunnel.  The second step uses the 800 grit hone which completes the final polish of the spring tunnel.  The improved finish will allow for superior and smoother action, faster hammer fall and overall improved cycling.


TMC recommends the use of a Honing oil when using with these hones. Our honing oil is specially formulated for use with Flexible wire honing brushes

Features/Product Information

  • Twisted steel wire shaft
  • Abrasive globules on flexible nylon filaments
  • 400 Grit Silicon Carbide Material
  • Length – 4 Inches


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