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TMC 4 in 1 Gunsmithing Hammer


TMC 4 in 1 Gunsmithing Hammer

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TMC 4 in 1 Gunsmithing Hammer

The TMC 4 in 1 hammer is a dual face hammer that features interchangeable hammer faces.  This one hammer with five different interchangable faces will help you get the job done, while saving room on your gunsmithing bench.  


9″ Wood Handle

2-1/2″ Head Width

3/4″ Face Diameter

Interchangeable Head Includes:

1-22 MM Brass

1-22 MM Nylon

1-22 MM Plastic

1-22 MM PVC

Brass can be used for Metal Work

Nylon , Plastic, and PVC Provide a variety of Hardness for Unlimited Surfaces


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