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Red Dirt – Prodigy Trigger – Flat – Silver – F3

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Red Dirt – Prodigy Trigger – Flat – Silver – F3

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Red Dirt – Prodigy Trigger – Flat – Silver – F3

The Red Dirt SA Prodigy Trigger features a newly designed trigger shoe specifically for the SA Prodigy.

Say goodbye to the inaccurate, time consuming way of adjusting the pretravel on your single stack and double stack 1911 style pistols. with the speed tuned trigger (st trigger for short) we replaced the pretravel tabs on the trigger bow with a flat faced hex screw. This allows the user to precisely and quickly tune the pretravel of their trigger perfectly to their liking. unlike other triggers, the ST trigger is adjusted with the hammer cocked giving you the perfect pretravel adjustment in minutes. currently, the st trigger is available in five different shoe sizes.


Trigger Sizing Guide – Measure the Length of your trigger finger from the webbing to the end of you fingertip

2.75″ and Shorter – F1

2.75″ to 3.00″ – F2

3.00″ to 3.25″ – F3

3.25″ to 3.5″ – F4

3.5 and longer – F5

Refure to the Trigger Sizing Image if you need more information on selecting the correct trigger length


  • The ST trigger has been thoroughly tested for multiple shooting seasons and has exceeded all expectations.
  • The new red dirt trigger features a fully cnc machined trigger shoe with over travel screw with n extra long allen key for adjustments.
  • Fully milled stainless steel trigger bow with pre-travel adjustments set by an allen screw, so you no long have to attempt bending the tabs to get the correct pre-travel amount.
  • The trigger kit includes one short and one long pre-travel hex screws and LOCTITE to set your pre-travel screw.
  • PATENT #11,105,575, #11,719,499 AND MADE IN THE USA.


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