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MJD 2011 Grip – Smooth – Non Stippled

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MJD 2011 Grip – Smooth – Non Stippled

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EGW Magazine Release (11110)
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MJD 2011 Grip

The MJD double stack 2011 grip is built with modern components that far exceed the strength and durability of the current polymer 2011 grips in production today.  The MJD-CFK Nylon Proprietary material is made from special mixture Carbon/Kevlar fibers and GF Nylon.  By using the MJD proprietary material the grip that is produced is stronger than the standard polymer grips without adding any weight.  You can actually feel the difference of the strength in your hand.  The new modern grip material is easy to stipple or machine to create your custom patterns.

Another inherited property of the new grip material is recoil absortion.  The felt recoil is less when using the new MJD grip.

The MJD grip will fit both Gen1 and Gen 2 frames and offers an extremely tight fit. This grip does require a Gen 1 STI magazine catch.

The MJD folks are so cofendent with the strength of their grip, that they offer a life time warranty against any breakage.  They have gone to the extremes in testing this grip.  The grip has been driven over with a truck, thrown 10 feet into the air and landed on a concret floor with no damage.  They even had a person stand on the grip with another person was able to easily insert a magazine into the grip.  Try doing that with any another polymer grip.

Key benefits found in the MJD grip that are not found in other polymer 2011 grips are:

  • Trigger channel is super clean with “squared” edges
  • Mag release is a standard gen 1 style release.  Gen1 Mag Release CTR-bore shallow to allow flush fitting adjustment for your current MR
  • The trigger bow channel is super cleanly machined
  • The grip has a slightly different front strap contour vs a gen 1 grip.  Tt feels better in hand than
  • Magwell Flair molded into the grip, providing a better “mag well” built into it
  • Overall fit to the gun is tight and very clean
  • Bald grip design to allow freedom to stipple, laser or use our custom TALON Grip Tapes made just for this grip
  • Micro Textured surface

Due to variations in 2011 frames, some gunsmithng maybe required

Lifetime Warranty against breakage.  If this grip ever breaks, just take a picture of it, email the picture to us or MJD Solutions and we will ship you a new grip.


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