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EGW HD Block Slide Stop .200″ PIN 9mm/38/40 Blued

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EGW HD Block Slide Stop .200″ PIN 9mm/38/40 Blued

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EGW HD BLOCK SLIDE STOP .200″ PIN 9MM / .38 SUPER / 10MM / .40 S&W Blued

EGW’s HD Block Slide Stop has a .200″ diameter pin and is machined from carbon steel with a blued finish. This slide stop is made specifically for 9mm / .38 Super / 10mm/ .40 S&W 1911s although we do offer a .45 ACP version as well. Many new 1911s are being built with futuristic designs and we wanted to offer a new, interesting take on the slide stop and thumb safety. Two components that typically don’t have too much variety. This is what we came up with. When paired with our HD Block Thumb Safety, your gun will look like it came straight from the future.

Machined from: Carbon Steel
Finish: Blued
Weight: 0.3 oz (9g)
Pin size: .200″
Calibers: .45ACP


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