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EGW Aluminum Mainspring Housing – 20 LPI – Silver


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EGW Aluminum Mainspring Housing – 20 LPI – Silver

The EGW 20 LPI Blued Steel Mainspring Housings are fully machined from 6061 Aluminum . The 20 LPI checkering provides positive control of your 1911.  The Flat Housing is the standard 1911 design for the clean, classic look. Drop-in fit will work with virtually any 1911 style handgun.

The Government Model housing features drop-in installation in all full-size 1911 pistols including full size Para- Ordnance pistols such as the P-14 and P-16.

This product fits:
1911 Government and Commander frames
Full Size Double Stack Paras

This product does not fit:
STIs or short grip frames


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