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ISMI Premium 1911 Firing Pin Spring


ISMI Premium 1911 Firing Pin Spring

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ISMI Premium 1911 Firing Pin Spring

ISMI Premium Extra Power Firing Pin Spring prevents the firing pin from striking the primer when the slide is closed. The heavier spring keeps the firing pin stop from dropping out during firing. All ISMI Springs are made from silicone chrome instead of 150 year old music wire. Every ISMI spring is heat treated, shot peened & stress relieved to enhance durability, consistency and reliability. ISMI is a contractor of the U.S. government and produces springs used in machine guns with incredibly high cycling rates. Also, the creator of ISMI springs obtained his knowledge from extensive research in the development of springs used in Indy car racing.

In independent testing, ISMI spring have endured in excess of 100,000 compression cycles. We don’t recommend going that long between changes however. With an ISMI spring, practice routine maintenance and change it once a year.

12 Month Replacement Warranty

All ISMI springs are covered by a 12 month replacement warranty. Even for failure due to wear.  


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