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Garnet Lapping Compound – 800 Grit

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Garnet Lapping Compound – 800 Grit

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Garnet Lapping Compound – 800 Grit

TMC’s garnet lapping compound is designed specifically for use in the fitting of parts which require a tight tolerance, while friction free fit. Proper lapping of tight-fitting parts provides an ultra-smooth, scratch free and level fit.  Garnet is a fast working, non-embedding petroleum abrasive paste for honing close-fitting parts to a smooth friction free fit.  Garnet is a natural substance that can be used safely on iron, bronze or softer steels without embedding or galling itself into the metal being honed.

The petroleum based paste won’t cause corrosion to your carbon steel parts.

Contain has 2 oz. net weight of lapping compound,  enough lapping compound to last years.


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