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Extreme Engineering Wide Spur Hammer (Bobed)


Extreme Engineering Wide Spur Hammer (Bobed)

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Extreme Engineering Wide Spur Hammer (Bobed)

Manufactured from a special steel alloy developed for aero space applications. This Reproduction 1911 wide spur hammer was included on several early variants of the 1911.  The wide spur hammer, commonly referred to as the Type 3 hammer, was used on Colt 1911 pistols from serial number 108,601 to 714,000.  This Bobed version of the wide spurred hammer is serrated on the top, and has the same profile as the early wide spur hammers.  Heat treated to 50-54 RC. Suitable for use in any 1911 with a standard grip safety.  A Thunder Mountain Custom Exclusive.  This hammer will give your 1911 that unique look.



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