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Extreme Engineering Tactical Sear 1911 – 2011

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Extreme Engineering Tactical Sear 1911 – 2011

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Extreme Engineering Tactical Sear

Manufactured from the same aerospace steel alloy as Extreme Engineering premium hammers. Manufactured from the same tough steel alloy as the Extremem Engineering tactical hammer. Manufactured to the same precision tolerances as the low mass sear. Heat treated to 44-46 Rockwell C for unlimited life expectancy. Suitable for all applications but expressly designed for the tactical pistol. Out lasts all other sears now on the market. Competition proven. If your having problems with follows with a light trigger pull set up, this is the sear that corrects the problem.  Fits Kimber, Springfield, 1911, STI, SV, and Para. Ultra Light Low-Mass Sear.


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