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EGW Plunger Tube – Stake On Blued

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EGW Plunger Tube – Stake On Blued

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EGW Plunger Tube – Stake On Blued

To install a plunger tube we recommend that you open a small (.030) relief on the plunger tube holes inside the frame.

Use an air grinder with a small ball cutter to do this.

Next, test fit the plunger tube to insure it fits and make sure it will mount flush with the frame.

When installing a plunger tube use Red 271 locktite (not included). Use a drop of locktite primer on each pin and a couple spots along the body.

Using our Delrin Plunger Tube Staking tool, hold the frame in a vise. Use several pieces of paper where the vise jaw meets the frame and the delrin block on the other side so that the frame is not marked.


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