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EGW Blank 1911 Trigger – Serrated

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EGW Blank Trigger – Serrated

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EGW Blank Trigger – Serrated

EGW has made some major strides on their triggers. With this trigger, there is no over travel screw to come loose and make the gun inoperable. People often fiddle with the over travel screw thinking it will change the weight of the trigger pull. On a 1911 format gun the trigger screw simply adjusts travel of the trigger. If in too far, the hammer will not fall and the screw blocks the rearward travel. 

These only fit single stack pistols.

We use Trigger bows made on original Videki dies. Videki was the industry standard for triggers. The face is almost flat with a very slight radius. The advantage here is that the center of your finger touches the serrations, giving you more feed back than a trigger that touches half way around your finger. If you catch the trigger up or down from the middle with a bad draw the trigger still feels comfortable. We not only stake the bow into the trigger, but we also red Loctite it in. If one system fails, the other is there to ensure a solid mount. We’ve tested our staking capabilities by twisting a bow with a pair of pliers from straight up to straight down. During this test, nothing moved in the stake area.

The trigger shoe is taller to allow fitting even in frames that are a little out of spec.


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