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Doug Koenig Low Mass Hammer Set – 5 Piece – SA Prodigy

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Doug Koenig Low Mass Hammer Set – 5 Piece – SA Prodigy

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Koenig Low Mass Hammer – 5 Piece Kit – SA Prodigy

We have taken the Koenig’s Patented hammer teamed up with the EGW SA Prodigy Short Sear and the, EGW Long disconnector, a TMC light sear spring.  We also have added in a set of 19 and 17 Pound Wolff main/hammer springs so you can fine tune your trigger pull.  Kit is not a 100 percent drop in and should be installed or checked over by a competent gunsmith prior to installing.

Kit Includes:

1 Each – Koenig Low Mass Hammer

1 Each – EGW Short Prodigy Sear

1 Eash – EGW Long Disconnector

1 Each – TMC Light Sear Spring

1 Each – 19 Pound Hammer/Main Spring

1 Each – 17 Pound Hammer/Main Spring

These are American made hammers, using the highest quality materail.  Don’t be fooled by other vendors that are selling Look-a-Like hammers at a fraction of the cost.  These are low quality imported junk from Italy and China.  Any vendor that offers a look a like hammer for $50.00 or less is selling a very low quality import hammer from China or Italy.


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