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Challis Grip Screw O-ring, 4 pieces


Challis Grip Screw O-ring, 4 pieces

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Challis Grip Screw O-ring, 4 pieces

These O-rings go around the grip screw and will work together with the bushing O-rings and Hex Dribe Bushings to give the best possible mounting for your grips. The system prevents the grips from shifting during discharge. Very effective for preventing grip screws from loosening. They do their job by getting smashed and will wear out, so we recommend you keep some extra on hand.

By design, 1911 grips have holes that are larger than the bushings to allow for manufacturing tolerance. When grip screws are installed everything tightens up. Or does it? During recoil the oversize holes allow the grips to shift slightly on the frame, the very place you grasp the weapon…a place where you don’t want anything to shift.


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