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Ball Pen Hammer/Brass Hammer Set

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Ball Pen Hammer/Brass Hammer Set

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Ball Pen Hammer / Brass Hammer Set

Every work bench needs a good set of hammers to perform quality work on your firearms.  The 2 ounce Ball Pin hammer and the 2 ounce Brass hammer are the 2 most commonly used hammers on the pistolsmith’s work bench.  Stop using your oversized claw/framing hammers work work on your firearms.

The Set consist of:

Bald Eagle – Gunsmith’s Fine Brass Hammer

 Beautifully polished Brass Hammers provide mass for friendly persuasion, yet won’t cause sparks or mar harder metals. Perfect for metalworkers and gunsmithgs making delicate adjustments.

Overall Length: 8” Weight: 2oz Face Diameter 1/2” Brass Head Wood Handle

Grobert USA Ball Pein Hammer 2 oz.

 Hammers with one flat end and one round end are used for flattening, shaping or removing dents. Hardwood handles are comfortable for extended use.

Overall length 10″.

Head length: 2″ (67 mm)

Head Weight: 2 oz. (57 g)



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