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1911 Slide Bore Gauge Kit

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1911 Slide Bore Gauge Kit

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1911 Slide Bore Gauge Kit

TMC’s Slide bore Gauge Kit allows you to accuratly determine the size of your slide opening is and what size barrel bushing you will need. Our slide bore gauge kits includes the 4 gauges to measure the 4 most common slide bore openings.  The pin gauges included in the set are American made of Tool steel that has been hardened to 60/65Rc.  Each gauge is 2 inches long and has a 10 micoinch finish or better.  Packaged in a foam lined storeage case to protect your gauges.

Pin diameters are .699, .701, .703 to .705 (minus)

An easy and more accurate way to check slide opening diameter than using calipers

Additional Specs:

  • Class ZZ (.0002″ or 0.005mm tolerance)
  • NoGo (Minus)
  • .0005″ or 0.01mm diameters
  • Tool Steel; 60/65 Rc
  • 2″ Long
  • 10 microinch finish or better
  • Round within .0001″ or 0.0025mm
  • Marked with diameter and direction of tolerance on gages over .0605″


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