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1911 Frame/Gun Holder


1911 Frame/Gun Holder

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1911 Gun/Frame Holder

Allows you to work on your 1911 with both hands free and holds your 1911 securely in your vise for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Solid, high-strength vise block slides into mag well and locks tight using the mag catch to hold your 1911 pistol securely for easy cleaning and maintenance. Keeps both hands free for detailed, precision work, and helps eliminate the chance of dropping the pistol and causing damage. Durable, injection-molded polymer composite construction won’t mar or scratch gun and resists most common solvents. Fits Government Model, Commander, and Officers Model. To ensure a snug fit in your pistol, the ridge on the back of the stem may need to be filed down.

Will require fitting to the magazine well-oversize to assure desired fit


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