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Wolff 8 Pound Recoil – Firing Pin Spring Set (Var) – Commander

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Wolff 8 Pound Recoil – Firing Pin Spring Set (Var) – Commander

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Wolff 8 Pound Recoil / Firing Pin Spring Set (Variable) – Commander

Keep your 1911 operating like new.  Recoil springs should be replaced every 5,000 to 10,000 rounds to avoid wear and tear on your 1911 frame and slide.

Variable rate springs function correctly with a wider range of loads then fixed rate springs can.  Rate increases as the spring is compressed, due to the variable coil spacing.  Gives greater protection against frame battering, more consistent lockup and improved feeding, while allowing easier manual cycling of the action.  They are beneficial with compensated handguns and when using light target loads where less recoil energy is available.  ?

Recoil springs fit over your handgun’s guide rod and control how the slide functions. In general, heavy loads need heavy springs and lighter loads need lighter springs. A spring that is too light can cause the handgun to open and close early and hard, increasing the felt recoil and battering the frame. A spring that is too heavy can cause the slide to be hard to open and could even keep the gun from cycling completely, jamming it. Installation requires disassembly and reassembly of the slide.

Each Wolff Recoil spring for 1911 pistols, includes an extra power firing ping spring.





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