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Tripp Research Super 7 Upgrade

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Tripp Research Super 7 Upgrade

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Upgrade Kit 1911, .45 ACP, 7 round.

Fits other brands of 7/8 round .45 gov’t length mags. Upgrade gives 7 round cap. This kit produces 7 round cap. solves many lock-back and feeding issues.  This is simply the best 45 follower sping kit availible.

2 reviews for Tripp Research Super 7 Upgrade

  1. Jake Frridey

    Great kit. I put this Super 7 Upgrade Kit into some Wilson mags that just didn’t feel like locking back. As you know, Wilsons are the greatest thing since sliced bread, right? The spring and the follower are matched, so the fit is good. The results are very pleasing, I have 100% success with the slide locking open after the last round. Feeding is effortless. I’m on my second order for them, they are highly recommended. Will get more if I incur probs with my other mags

  2. Jeff Garrett (verified owner)

    Purchased to upgrade some magazines with non-skirted followers, to help with feeding issues of cast H&G 68 rounds. Works.

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