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TMC Oversized Barrel Link Pin – Carbon Steel

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TMC Oversized Barrel Link Pin – Carbon Steel

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Oversized Barrel Link Pin – Carbin Steel

While most barrel link pins are a bit under spec, these “over size pins” are heat treated and ground to the maximum diameter (.154-.156″ link pin) on the 1911 part print to allow for a tight fit in barrels with worn Link pin holes.  The pins do not exceed the maximum part specification.Heat Treated & Hardened For Long Service Life

Manufactured of high-grade steel on high end Swiss CNC screw machines.  Center-less ground for a perfect fit and flaw-less performance.  All parts are heat treated and hardened after machining for extra durability and finsished  with black oxide finish for increased durability and wear.

All pins meet or exceed specification for all manufactures
Ready to install into your 1911


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