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TMC Master 1911 Pin Kit – Blued

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TMC Master 1911 Pin Kit – Blued

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TMC Master 1911 Pin Kit – Blued

The TMC Master pin kit includes 10 of each pin and plunger for the 1911.  All pins are packaged in plastic bags and then placed in a handy plastic box that is provides seperate compartments for each pin.  

Now you don’t have to wait on a single pin or plunger to arrive to complete a repair.  This kit not only saves you time, it also saves you money.  At only $0.77 cents a pin and with an option to order refills at the same price for a period of one year after the purchase of you Master Pin Kit.

Our pin sets are American made from US drill rod, which is a much stronger material. Our pins are manufactured to the GI 1911 print specifications with tighter tolerances.

Pin Set Include 10 of each of the following pins and plungers:

Link Pin
Sear Pin
Hammer Pin
Hammer Strut Pin
Ejector Pin – Does not work on 2011 and double stack 1911s
Plunger Tube Pin (Safety Side)
Plunger Tube Pin (Slide Stop Side)
Mainspring Cap
Mainspring Cap Retainer Pin
Mainspring Housing Pin – Does not work on 2011 and double stack 1911s
Mainspring Housing Retainer Pin

Available in blued carbon steel or stainless steel.


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