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TMC Barrel Link Kit – 5 Piece


TMC Barrel Link Kit – 5 Piece

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5 Piece Barrel Link Kit

Our new barrel link kits are now built with the best barrel links from Extreme Engineering.  Manufactured from the finest alloy material to the tightest tolerances.  The set of 4 links are stress-proof and perfectly hardened.

Set of 4 barrel links and a barrel link pin, helps correct most barrel-to-frame fit and feeding problems on 1911 autos. Includes the following link sizes (measured center-to-center from barrel link pin hole to slide stop hole):

  • #2 (.273)
  • #3 (.278)
  • #4 (.283)
  • #5 (.288)
  • A new US made link pin is also included in the kit.



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