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TMC 1911 Guide Rod – 6″ Government – 2 piece

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TMC 1911 Guide Rod – 6″ Government – 2 piece

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TMC 2 Piece Guide Rod – 6″ Government

6 inch 2 piece Stainless Steel  guide rod system for the 1911 Colt style pistols and clones.  This assembly  is  for  the  6 Inch Long Slide pistols and will work for all calibers.  Kit comes complete with guide rod, and Disassembly wrench.  NO MiM, All made from solid Stainless Steel  bar-stock and CNC machined.

This kit does not include recoil springs, but they can be purchased separately.

The head of the guide rod has smooth beveled edges to make for a seamless look.

It is necessary to remove the front half of the guide rod to disassemble the gun.

Check for fit in 3 areas:
(1) Barrel feet should not contact head
(2) Where guide rod rests against frame
(3) Back surface of slide/dustcover is flat and even.

This is designed for long slide 1911 pistols with 6″ barrels.Machined from solid barstock here in the USA.

This is a 2-pc guide rod. Disassembly of a long slide gun would not be possible with a 1-pc.

This Guide Rod does not include the Guide Rod plug or reverse plug


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