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TMC 1911 Grip Screws – Blued – Hex – Set of 4 -Standard Grips

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TMC 1911 Grip Screws – Blued – Hex – Set of 4 -Standard Grips

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TMC 1911 Grip Screw (Hex – Blued) Set of 4 for standard thickness grips

This Hex Head 1911 grip screw meets or exceeds original factory specifications. If you’re building a gun, or wish to bring your 1911 back to true mil-spec, this parts will provide exceptional service.  The Hex head screws reduce the chance of marring your grips with a standard flat head screwdriver. These grip screws will also dress up your 1911 and add a custom look.  CNC’ed machines from high quality Tool Steel.   May require fitting to specific gun.

1 review for TMC 1911 Grip Screws – Blued – Hex – Set of 4 -Standard Grips

  1. Catastrophist (verified owner)

    the fit and finish of these screws is superb. Have you ever bought a set of screws that included a wrench but the wrench didnt seem to fit tightly? Like you are worried you are going to strip the head at any moment?

    Not with the TMC screws. They thread effortlessly and the finish is blued but has a look that I can only describe as “tasty”. Many blued parts have a very very dark black or an actual blued color. The heads on these look like they were turned and then blued. You have the dark black look but in the sun they look like a dark steel grey and you can see the finishing spun finish under the blueing. You really cant appreciate the quality of these until you get them. And they are just really classy. So glad i grabbed a set.

    The wrench fits perfectly that is included and as a person who has thrown brand new screws in the garbage it takes a lot to impress me. These are without a doubt impressive.

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