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TMC 1911 Barrel Lug File

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1911 Barrel Lug File

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TMC 1911 Barrel Lug File / With File Handle

The TMC 1911 Barrel Lug file is precision ground from T12 high Carbon Content Tool Steel.  After Quenching the T12 steel produces a long lasting wear resistance file.  Our barrel lug file is precision ground to exact dimensions.  The file measures 0.175″ (cutting width) by 0.235 (Safe Side).  The TMC barrel lug file is the only file that is designed to properly fit the 0.176″ locking lugs on your 1911 barrel.  Other files range from 0.171 to 0.173, which can cause un-even cuts or tapering cuts (front to rear) within the lugs on your barrel, resulting in high and low spots in the locking lug area.  The safe, non-cutting sides ensure that you will not widen the locking lugs on your barrel, which will maintain the tightest barrel lock up possible.  To ensure that you maintain the the natual radius of the locking lugs, our file is over 30 percent taller then any other barrel lug file to eliminate any flex in the file.  A file that flexes can cause flat spots in the radius of the lugs.   Our double cut #2 Swiss pattern provide a smooth finish, with little to no additional polishing needed.


Material: T12 High Carbon Tool Steel

Overall Length: 5.5″

Cutting Length: 3.5″

Cutting Width: 0.175″

Non-Cutting Hight: 0.235″


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