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Thunder Mountain Custom C-MORE Scope Mount 5-Hole Pattern


Thunder Mountain Custom C-MORE Scope Mount 5-Hole Pattern

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Thunder Mountain Custom C-More Sight Mount

The Thunder Mountain C-More sight mount features a light weight and modern design with advance blast diffuser technology which directs the blast energy of the compensator down and to the side of the gun and away from your expensive scope. The Thunder Mountain C-More mount is machined from solid billet aircraft grade aluminum to exact tolerances on modern CNC Machining Centers holding the tightest tolerances. It is then anodized to provide a lifetime of flawless service and we guaranty it for life.


Light weight CNC machined from Solid Billet 7075 aircraft grade aluminum.

Single sided mounting, to provide total clearance for the ejection port.

Advanced blast diffusion technology to protect your scope. 

Mounted with Torx 5-40 Grade 8 screws rather then low cost flat head hex screws.

Available with no-drill thumb rest with 24 line per inch checkering to positive control

Shipped with 5-40 Torx screws and Torx Wrench for easy and straight forward installation

(No Gunsmithing required on standard STI Guns, just replace and feel the difference)

The Strongest built, toughest light weight C-More Mount ever built with a Life Time Guaranty against blast shield burn-out. And that’s a real Life Time Guaranty, if you ever burn out one of these mounts out.




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