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Thunder Mountain 45 ACP Ultimate Match II Magazine 7 Round

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Thunder Mountain 45 ACP Ultimate Match II Magazine 8 Round

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Thunder Mountain Custom’s “Ultimate Match II” 45 ACP magazines provides you the same features found in magazines that cost much more. These are made  in our own shop.  We use nothing but the best components. 

Built on totally deburred Stainless Steel bodies manufactured for us by Check-Mate Industries with a special Hybrid feedlips. The tubes are made from the highest quality American milled stainless steel. Every tube is through-hardened for exceptional strength and durability. Each Tube is polished inside and out to eliminate drag and our proprietary welding techniques insure solid welds that won’t break.

The feedlips are measured and hand tuned on each and every magazine to ensure perfect feeding. Then each and every magazine goes through our deburring and micro-polishing procedure to provide you a magazine that feeds smother than any other magazine availible. We then add Tripp Research followers and Springs to finsh off the most reliable magazine at the best price.

Features include: All Micro-Polished Stainless Steel Bodies Tripp Research followers and Springs Perfect Feed Springs.  Every magazine is Bench Tested.  Features an easy to remove base pad to allow quick cleaning at the range or at home.  Unconditionally Guaranteed to Fit and Feed

These magazines were field tested for 2 months prior to being offered and here are the results:

15 Selected shooters, both law enforcement and match shooters (3 magazines each)

19 Different 1911’s from 6 different manufactures

+62,000 rounds fired

ZERO failures to feed


What do our customers say:


These comments on the Ultimate Match II magazines were pulled from


Mike’s mags are all micro abrasion polished, hand inspected and have perfectly set mag lips. They are the smoothest and cleanest mags I’ve ever bought and they have worked perfectly.


I have 6 of the mags Steve is talking about. There the best mags I have ever used they feed 100% in all the guns I have tried them in.


 I’ve bought a number of things from him over the years including some of his TMC Ultimate Magazines which are absolutely the best 7 round .45 mags out there, in my opinion.


This is a comment from a customer, that they provided with their second order of Ultimate Match II magazines:


My 1911 has a schuemann barrel with a steep ramp – it loathes gold-dots! Especially out of wilson HD mags with the stiff spring. Add heat, a slide release reload, etc? hates those rounds. Top round down jam. The TMC mag did a slide-release reload, when new, “stiff” springs and all. only the tripp 8rders will do that too (but after broken in) with that bullet. What a fantastic mag you’ve built!






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