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SpringCo Extreme Duty Recoil Spring 15 Pounds

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SpringCo Extreme Duty Recoil Spring 15 Pounds

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1911 Chrome Silicon Moly Plated Cryogenic Processed Recoil Spring – 15# (Color Coded BROWN)



Extreme Duty Semi-Auto Pistol Recoil Springs 


    • Chrome Silicon Wirestock
  • Heat Treated, Stress Relieved, and Cryogenic Processed post winding
  • Impregnation / Plating with Re-Micronized Molybdenum Disulfide Formulation
  • Color-Coded for Quick Field I.D / Packaged in Hard Plastic Hang Hole Tubes
  • Most Accurate Adherence to Actual Represented Load Tolerances (Weights) of any springs in the Industry.
  • Absolutely outrageous extended duty cycle springs.








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