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Gun Cleaning Hook Pick and Brush Set

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Gun Cleaning Hook Pick and Brush Set

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Gun Cleaning Hook Pick and Brush Set

You get a Double Ended Nylon and Brass Brushes and 4 Double Ended Picks

  • General all-purpose cleaning kit helps you remove carbon, debris & lead residues off your firearms to keep them at their highest caliber performance
  • 6-PC Cleaning Kit includes 2 Double-ended brushes made out of Brass and Nylon plus 4 Double-ended Polymer Picks
  • Picks are made out of high-strength polymer, designed to get into small nooks and crannies; perfect for light cleaning and preventing scratches
  • Each double-ended brush comes with a big and small end brush for cleaning all sorts of hard-to-reach spaces with 100% grime-scrubbing power
  • Regular cleaning is important not only to ensure the safe operation of your firearm but to maintain the value for years to come. But please do not over-clean your equipment and make sure that the cleaning kit is compatible to use on your selected equipment.



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