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Extreme Engineering SuperMatch Commander – 3 Piece


Extreme Engineering SuperMatch Commander – 3 Piece

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Extreme Engineering Hammer
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Extreme Engineering SuperMatch Commander Trigger Group (3 Piece) All 1911/2011 Factory Stock 1911s

The Extreme Engineering Fire Control components, are truly space age.  They are manufactured from the same alloy that rocket booster engines are made from.  There is no need to stone them to fit or function, The hooks on the hammer are perfect, and there’s no reason to stone the sear either.

This set is for the 1911 Tactical / Carry pistol shooter who wants an ULTRA Clean trigger job while also watching the Budget but providing a major upgrde to the stock 1911 components.  This Trigger set provides the cleanest and crisp trigger pull while maintaining a trigger pull weight that is suitible for Tactical / Carry and general range shooting or it can be tuned down to a low trigger pull for range and match shooting.  A great upgrade for all Kimbers, Springfields and other factory stock 1911’s.

This set includes the following:

Extreme Engineering Commander Match Hammer

Extreme Engineering Commander Match Hammer. Super for Carry or Tactical Use. The Commander Match is simply a commander hammer with absolutely perfect geometry. Manufactured from the same alloy as our LiteSpeed and Warp Speed Hammers, but has a more traditional look and is much lighter than a traditional Commander Hammer.  Fits 1911, Kimber, Springfield, Colt, STI, SV, and Para.


Extreme Engineer Ultra Low Mass Sear

The Extreme Duty sear has been developed for those who need the finest tactical sear available. The sear is made from the same special die steel that our Ultra Match sear is made from. The tensile strength is 265KSI and the yield strength is 245KSI. The Extreme Duty Sear is heat treated to RC 50-53. The Extreme Duty Sear has the same heavy-duty full profile as our Tactical sear except for the legs. The legs of the sear have been contoured like the Ultra Match Sear. This improved contour provides a radiused contact point for the sear spring while keeping the strength of the sear at a maximum. This radiused contact point allows the sear to move against the sear spring with less friction. This provides a smoother sear movement and allows the sear to move faster during the cocking cycle. The increased sear speed during the cocking cycle allows a more positive sear engagement with the hammer. The smoother sear movement against the sear spring also creates a smoother trigger feel.

Extreme Engineering 1911  Low Mass Race Disconnector

Designed to be used for extremely light trigger pulls. Faster reset time due to low mass reduces the chance of the trigger system not reconnecting causing a failure to fire when the trigger is being pulled extremely fast for double taps. Fits Kimber, Springfield, 1911, STI, SV, and Para. Low Mass Race Disconnector.

May require Fitting

May require a new Thumb Safety to be fitted


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