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Extreme Engineering – Extreme Service Duty – 5 Piece – Carry

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Extreme Engineering – Extreme Service Duty – 5 Piece – Carry

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Sear Spring
Extreme Engineering Hammer
Hammer Struts
Hammer Strut Pins
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Extreme Engineering Extreme Service Duty Group (5 Piece) All 1911/2011 Tactical / Carry Pistols

To provide you with the latest and best product at the best prices, we are now offering the the EGW Evolved Sear Spring as an upgrade option to our Fire Control Kits.  The cost of upgrading to the EGW Evolved Sear Spring is only $5.95.  That half the cost of purchasing the EGW Evolved Sear Spring on its own.

The Extreme Engineering Fire Control components, are truly space age.  They are manufactured from the same alloy that rocket booster engines are made from.  There is no need to stone them to fit or function, The hooks on the hammer are perfect, and there’s no reason to stone the sear either.

This set is for the 1911 Tactical / Carry pistol shooter who wants an ULTRA Clean trigger job, that provides the cleanest and crisp trigger pull while maintaining a trigger pull weight that is suitible for Tactical and Carry type duties.  This set is specifically prepped and matched to give a 4 lb. trigger pull without any stoning of the sear or hammer. The sear spring will need to be properly tensioned for your specific pistol. Recommended for all applications. Suitable for use in any 1911 pistol.

This set includes the following:

Extreme Duty Hammer

Extreme Engineering Extreme Duty Hammer is based off of the Tactical II Hammer. Super for Carry or Tactical Use. When you depend on your 1911 24/7, this is the hammer you want.  Extry metal in critical locations ensures this hammer will not fail you.  Fits 1911, Kimber, Springfield, Colt, STI, SV, and Para.

Extreme Engineer Extreme Duty Sear

Manufactured from the same aerospace steel alloy as Extreme Engineering premium hammers.  Essentially an Ultra Low Mass Sear without some of the re-contouring, making the Extreme Duty Sear closer to the traditional sear shape.  Designed to be used in high reliablity situations.

Extreme Engineer National Match Disconnector

Manufactured from the same tough steel alloy as our tactical hammer. Proper length above and below pivot hole to provide correct function with light trigger pulls and to reduce drag on the slide. Heat treated to 50 – 53 Rockwell C for unlimited life expectancy. Suitable for match and tactical pistols.

This Kit includes the following:

1 Each – Standard Sear Spring

1 Each – 19 Pound Main Spring

1 Each – 23 Pound Main Spring

2 Main springs are included, which allows you to fine tune your 1911 trigger pull.

May require Fitting

May require a new Thumb Safety to be fitted


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