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EGW Practical Extractor Extended Fit 45ACP Series 70 Blued


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EGW Practical Extractor – Extended 45ACP  Series 70 Blued

Much has changed since the original 1911 design, and technology, manufacturing and steel quality has enabled manufacturers to develop components with durability that John Browning could never have imagined. One such component is the 1911 Practical Extractor from EGW.

In comparison to original 1911 extractors, the EGW 1911 Practical Extractor features several improvements designed to improve functionality. This extractor is .025 inch shorter than the standard GI extractor, which prevents the extractor hook from constantly banging against the case, which causes it to lose tension and lead to jams. The extractor also features a radiused cut on both sides of the extractor hook, which increases strength, preventing a failure point.

Finally, the EGW 1911 Practical Extractor is vacuum heat-treated, which preserves the springing property of the extractor and allows it to maintain tension for up to 70,000 rounds. 

Will not work with Schwartz style safety


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