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EGW Beavertail Grip Safety – SS – .250″ Radius – Series 70

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EGW Beavertail Grip Safety – SS – .250″ Radius – Series 70

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EGW Beavertail Grip Safety – SS – .250″ Radius – Series 70

These top quality EGW Beaver Tail Grip Safeties are machined from Solid Bar Stock Stainless Steel.  No casting or forgings.  These are built for Extreme Duty and will last a lifetime.  

Machined from a solid piece of barstock, the EGW 1911 Beavertail Grip Safety ships with slightly oversized dimensions in critical areas, enabling homebuilders and gunsmiths to achieve a perfect, custom fit on their 1911 pistol frame.

The straight safety arm requires no forming and is pre-notched making it unnecessary to remove the mainspring housing in order to remove the safety. Extra material in critical areas adds strength and allows for close fitting to tight tolerances. Requires fitting and installation by qualified gunsmith.

Compatible with: Frames cut for a .250″ radius, like STI, Kimber or Brown

Not compatible with: The Wilson beavertail cut. In order to utilize our beavertail grip safety on a Springfield or Caspian frame, you will need to weld the tangs.

This beavertail is cut to .245″ to fit .250″ radius frames. This allows the user to fit the beavertail to the frame without a gap.

It is not a drop in part and will require fitting.



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