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EGW Barrel Link – #2.5

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EGW Barrel Link – #2.5

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EGW Barrel Link – #2.5

The EGW half size barrels links provide an easy way to get the linkage of your 1911 perfect.  When a number 2 isn’t enough and a number 3 link is too much, this is the link that you need.

EGW machines, spots drills, reams, chamfers, and engrave their barrels links in their in-house CNC machine.

Machined from heat-treated 4140 chromoly steel and then sent for bluing.

Choose from #2, #3, #4, #5

#3 is standard link size.

#2 – .273″ center to center
#3 – .278″ center to center industry standard G.I. Spec
#4 – .283″ center to center
#5 – .288″ center to center


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