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EGW 1911 Firing Pin – .075″ Tip Diameter

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EGW 1911 Firing Pin – .075″ Tip Diameter

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EGW 1911 Firing Pin – .075″ Tip Diameter

EGW firing pins are not extra long. They are 2.260″ long.

We make firing pins that fit slides within .001 to eliminate primer flow and primer shear. Match guns using hot loads can produce primer flow around the firing pin. When the barrel unlocks, it can shear the primer and block the firing pin which can cause miss-fires due to light hits.

Offered in .066 .068 (Colt / Caspian), .075 (most Springfields) .092 (GI 45).

Many manufacturers have moved to the small firing pins for their 45 caliber guns, which is a good idea and adds to reliability.

This product fits:
Government 1911s
Commander 1911s
Officer 1911s


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