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Check-Mate .45ACP, 8RD, Stainless, Wadcutter Feed Lips – Full Size

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Check-Mate .45ACP, 8RD, Stainless, Wadcutter Feed Lips – Full Size

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Check-Mate .45ACP, 8RD, Stainless, Wadcutter Feed Lips  – Full Size

Check-Mate .45ACP, 8RD, Stainless, Welded Base Pad – Wadcutter Feed Lips – Full Size 1911 Magazine

 Check-Mates unwavering fixation with creating the finest magazine has lead to an unparalleled number of innovative features each one more ground breaking then the next.

Check-Mate’s 1911 .45 Caliber magazines are made from the highest quality American milled stainless and high carbon steel. Every tube is through-hardened for exceptional strength and durability. Each Tube is polished inside and out to eliminate drag and our proprietary welding techniques insure solid welds that won’t break. Check-Mates high performance springs offer high quality, outstanding reliability and exception spring endurance.  Check-Mates unique feed lip geometry maintains a consistent angle for exceptionally reliable feeding of all ammo.

Every detail of their construction from feed lip to floor plate is driven by the same concern for excellence.

Thunder Mountain Custom is proud to team up with Check-Mate Industries and offer our customers the best 1911 magazines available.

See for yourself why Check-Mate is the number one manufacturer of magazines for defense, law enforcement and competitive shooting.

SKU: CM45-8-S

Product Details:   Check-Mate Gov’t 1911 .45 CAL Stainless magazine with a 8RD capacity, Welded flush fit Base Pad, Wadcutter feed lips, a hi-performance 8RD Hi Performance magazine spring


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