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Challis Hex Drive Bushing, Stainless, 4 pieces , Standard Grip

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Challis Hex Drive Bushing, Stainless, 4 pieces , Standard Grip

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Challis Hex Drive Bushing, Stainless, 4 pieces , Standard Grip

These bushings are easy to install and remove. Loctite is not necessary for installation if they are torqued to the proper spec (27 in-lbs for steel frames & 20 in-lbs for aluminum). This full size bushing will work with grips not less than 0.245″ thick. O-rings are not necessary, but strongly recommended because of the benefits they provide, such as eliminating loose grip screws, scuffed frames and the most secure mounting available for the 1911. You can feel the difference.

  • EASY.  The bushings can be installed quickly. Just slip one into the socket of a 7/32” nut driver and turn it into place.
  • ACCURATE.  Since the socket holds the bushing in proper alignment, it is easy to accurately engage the threads. There is no need to start the bushing by hand and then finish the job with a driver.
  • STRONG.  Unlike conventional bushings with a screwdriver slot, the hex head is strong enough to drive the bushing firmly into place without the risk of raising a burr or otherwise deforming the top of the bushing.
  • STABLE.  Sufficient torque can be applied to properly seat the bushing and thereby minimize retraction under the shock of discharge. This is especially valuable with grips made of G10, aluminum and other heavy materials.
  • REMOVABLE.  The bushing can be easily removed with a 7/32” nut driver or socket.  No special removal tools, no easy-outs and no trashed bushings or damaged frames.
  • REUSABLE.  If needed, the bushings can be removed for refinishing the frame and reinstalled, eliminating the need to purchase replacement bushings.


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