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60 Degree High Speed Counter Sink

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60 Degree High Speed Counter Sink

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60 Degree High Speed Counter Sink

This 60 degree counter sink is a must have in every pistol smiths tool box.  This is the tool to properly counter sink your Hammer and Sear Pin holes for a flush fit.  The key sign of an amateur build is when the hammer and sear pins are not properly counter sunked.  The 3 flut design provide a chatter free cut.

HSS, Countersinks, Size: 1/4, Shank Dia. 3/16, O.A.L. 1-1/2, 60 Degree

Size: 1/4″
Material: High Speed Steel
Finish: Uncoated (Bright)
Shank Size: 3/16″
Shank Type: Round
Overall Length: 1-1/2″


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