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1911 Slide and Recoil Lug Flexible Hone – 800 Grit


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1911 Slide and Recoil Lug Flexible Hone – 800 Grit

Honing the barrel tunnel of a 1911 slide will significantly improve the overall action of your 1911.  Honing of the recoil lug area removes the machining ridges that are left in the barrel tunnel during the cutting of the locking lugs.   These ridges can rub on the barrel hood and leave scoring

Our solid shaft design removes the flex found in other honing brushing that utilize a twisted wire shaft.  Providing greater control, when honing the locking lug area.  We found that honing brushes that use only a twisted wire drive shaft have to much flex when used in a honing brush tht is over 5 inches long.  Making it difficult to control.  Our solid shaft design resovles all of those issues.


TMC recommends the use of a Honing oil when using with these hones. Our honing oil is specially formulated for use with Flexible wire honing brushes

Features/Product Information

  • Solid shaft
  • Abrasive globules on flexible nylon filaments
  • 800 Grit Silicon Carbide Material
  • Overall Length – 8 Inches
  • Hone Length – 2.5″
  • Hone Diamater : 0.709″
  • Shaft Diamater: 0.236″


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