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1911 Bench Block

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1911 Bench Block

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1911 Bench Block

High Quality1 1/4″ H x 4″ diameter work surface. Made from engineering-grade nylon, non-marring work surface to avoid the damage of your gun parts, durable in use.

Unlike similar products on the market, our bench block has a special surface treatment to protect your precious firearm from scratches during gun drifting and staking. 

Great for disassembling and reassembling handguns. Perfect for 1911s as well as other firearms, such as 10/22s, etc.

The main spring removal groove; the front sight staking groove; 1911 barrel bushing tool; the rear sight drifting channel; the barrel link pin removal “V” channel; the hammer and sear pin removal holes; the slide rail dressing round bottom channel; ejector port dressing channel. Highly useful for gunsmithing.



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