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IGW 2nd Generation Hammer and Sear


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Ingenious Gun Works 2nd Generation Hamm / Sear 

The Browning design of the fire control components were designed for a field weapon and not as a match firearm. This has led to tremendous efforts by many gunsmiths to provide a match trigger that overcomes the standard designs roughness.  Most modern manufacturers that desire sales of higher cost models have “trigger jobs” done by factory gunsmiths. Aftermarket companies sell expensive replacement parts that typically also need fitting and “tuning” for a desired trigger.

The Ingenious Gun Works 2nd Gen 1911 Hammer and Sear overcome the weaknesses of the standard components. The 1911 2nd Gen Hammer and Sear replace the existing ones and provide a superior trigger with no need for fitting or gunsmithing. The 1911 2nd Gen design re-engineers the engagement between the Hammer and Sear. The re-positioned surfaces create a smooth, clean match trigger. The 1911 2nd Gen Hammer and Sear uses a separate engagement for the safety notch. This produces a safety engagement that cannot damage the trigger pull.

Reviews:  Read the NRA Shooting Illustated Review


  • Hammer and Sear are Nickel Boron Nitride Coated for surface protection and lubricity.  There is no need to oil or lubricate the components.  Functions best clean and dry.
  • The unique design allows the Hammer to fit with a standard GI or Beaver Tail grip safeties.
  • 4140 Stainless Steel
  • Heat treated to 50 RC prior to cutting.


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