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Dawson ICE 2011 MagWell – Silver


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Dawson ICE MagWell (Silver)

Ice Magwell for STI/SV. Reloads Slick As Ice. When we debuted the Ice Magwell at the US Nationals, we took 100 magwells with us to sell. Boy, did they sell, they were gone in 1 hour. We hadn’t even setup our display before we had to send for more from our shop in Texas. They were sold before they arrived. Sales have slowed a bit, but not much. You can’t go to a match where you won’t see several and for good reason. A fast reload is essential to be competitive. The Ice Magwell is the fastest, easiest, most consistent magwell for IPSC competition. CNC machined to exact tolerances for a tight fit. If you want to add weight, go with the heavy black Ice Magwell. It will help tame that recoil, but still reload slick as ice. When you beat up the insert, the magwell is untouched. Go ahead and pop in a new insert. It takes seconds and you will have it looking and functioning like a new magwell again. Black. Aluminum. Weight 1.7 oz


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